Security Measures That Your Local Abortion Clinic May Take

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If you decide that you wish to have an abortion, it's always a good idea to discuss this topic with a counselor at your local early surgical clinic until you feel comfortable moving forward. In addition to providing this healthcare service for you, your local abortion clinic has a responsibility to keep you safe from threats and harassment at the hands of people who may not agree with your decision. When you visit the clinic on the day of your scheduled appointment, you'll likely notice a number of security measures that the clinic staff take.

19 March 2018

Three Reasons To Stay At A Hotel After An Abortion Alone

Abortion Clinics & Information Blog

The decision to terminate a pregnancy will come with ups and downs that begin while you are still grappling with the options. If you have made the decision to terminate a pregnancy due to it being the best decision for you, an abortion service will be able to provide you with medical help and information. After the procedure, you will also have many feelings that you need to work through. If you live away from the city or if you will be alone during your journey, it is a better idea to remain in a hotel the night after the service.

5 February 2018