Pregnancy Testing Options That Can Confirm Your Pregnancy

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If you've been feeling a little (or a lot) nauseous in the mornings or have other symptoms of pregnancy, it's a good idea to get tested to find out if you're pregnant or not. If you want to know right away and maintain your privacy, you can buy a test kit at the drugstore and do a urine test at home.

These tests are accurate, but if you don't believe the results, you might follow up with another test in a few days or go to a women's health clinic or your doctor to have a urine or blood test done. Here's a look at your options for pregnancy testing.

Home Pregnancy Testing

Home kits can be accurate, but the earlier you take a home test, the less accurate it might be. If you plan to buy a home kit, be sure to follow the instructions precisely. Failing to follow the instructions could cause a false result.

Pregnancy testing is done to detect a pregnancy hormone in your urine or blood. The longer you wait after you become pregnant, the more hormone is in your urine and the more accurate the results will be.

A good thing about a home test is that you can get results within minutes so you no longer have to worry and wait. If your test is positive, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to verify the test and to start pregnancy health care.

Pregnancy Testing At A Clinic

You can also have a urine test done by a doctor. This tests for the same hormone and is just as accurate as a home test as long as you've waited long enough for the hormone to be detectable. The results are quick, which makes a urine test convenient.

However, if you want a pregnancy test as soon as possible after you've ovulated, a blood test is a better option. It picks up the pregnancy hormone when a urine test can't. There are two types of blood tests. One is quantitative and the other is qualitative. A quantitative blood test is the most accurate blood test since it measures the total amount of pregnancy hormone in your blood. It can even detect very small amounts. A qualitative test is more like a urine test in that it just checks to see if the hormone is present rather than measuring the amount. It's not quite as accurate as a quantitative blood test, but it's just as accurate as a urine test.

Giving a blood sample for pregnancy testing is just like any other blood test. Blood is drawn out with a needle, collected, and analyzed in a lab. You might have the results back the same day or the next day depending on lab policies, so your doctor will notify you when they get the results.

Contact a local doctor to learn more about pregnancy test verification.


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