Security Measures That Your Local Abortion Clinic May Take

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If you decide that you wish to have an abortion, it's always a good idea to discuss this topic with a counselor at your local early surgical clinic until you feel comfortable moving forward. In addition to providing this healthcare service for you, your local abortion clinic has a responsibility to keep you safe from threats and harassment at the hands of people who may not agree with your decision. When you visit the clinic on the day of your scheduled appointment, you'll likely notice a number of security measures that the clinic staff take. Beyond things such as locked doors, here are some ways that your abortion clinic will keep you and others in the clinic safe.

Confirming Your ID

Pro-life advocates may wish to gain entry to the abortion clinic to dissuade women from having their appointments. When you arrive for your appointment, it's common for a clinic employee or volunteer to meet you outside of the clinic's doors and quickly ascertain who you are. You'll commonly need to show a piece of photo identification, which the staff member will then compare against the day's appointment schedule. This security-focused step ensures that you indeed have an appointment and that access isn't granted to someone who should not be there.

Escorting You To Your Vehicle

After your appointment, it's common for someone to ask if you wish to be accompanied to your vehicle. Even if the walk across the parking lot is short, you should opt for this chaperone because you'll feel more comfortable at a time that you may already be emotionally vulnerable. In some communities, anti-abortion activists may seek to talk to women on their way to or from an abortion clinic, and the presence of an employee or volunteer will help you to leave the premises safely.

Allowing You To Sever Contact

At some clinics, a staff member may ask if she can follow up with you in the days after your procedure, both to see how you're feeling physically and to inquire whether you may need some emotional counseling. Depending on your situation, you may not want people in your life to know that you've had an abortion, so the clinic will specify if you wish to be contacted or not. For some women, it's better not to have the clinic get in touch afterward. You should always feel safe at your local abortion clinic; don't hesitate to inquire about what additional safety measures are in place.


19 March 2018

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